Grace Carter’s new single Silhouette is one big dose of Valentine’s Day feelings

Whether you're lovestruck or heartbroken this Valentine's Day, Grace Carter's new one will help you work it all out.

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Grace Carter

It’s Valentine’s Day and no matter your relationship status you’re probably going to be thinking a lot about love and romance today. There’s a minefield of cliches around the subject, ranging in emotion from total infatuation to heartbroken betrayal and you’re going to see pretty much all of them conveyed via Instagram Story, Snapchat and Facebook status in the next twelve to twenty-four hours. It’s going to be a lot but fear not because we have the cure, Grace Carter’s new song ‘Silhouette’.

Premiering today on Notion it’s a three-minute-and-forty-five-second burst of emotional catharsis, sat closer to the heartbroken side of the scale but still tinged with romance. Over a simple piano line, Carter belts out the tale of an uneven relationship rife with jealousy. Her powerful voice swells in the choruses but still betrays the vulnerability and raw emotion around the song’s subject. It’s a ballad to match the best of them and will provide a welcome release for your Valentine’s Day feelings, whatever they may be. Watch the video below.

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