The Grand Hyatt is the ultimate Hong Kong stay

We spent a long weekend at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong at the start of 2018 to get some inspiration for the year ahead.

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To kick start 2018 Notion Magazine decided to take a press trip over to Hong Kong for an inspiration extravaganza. Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan and high tech cities in Asia. It is a central hub for business, finance, freight, trade, technology and fashion.

Victoria Harbour is one of the biggest reasons that Hong Kong has evolved from a sleepy fishing village to the famous city we come to know today and being one of the most active ports in the world. The harbour is flanked by the northern shore of Hong Kong Island and the southern coast of Kowloon, often referred to by locals as the Hong Kong side or Kowloon side. This forms the lively downtown and core urban areas also.

Hong Kong is compact and crowded at all hours of the day and night, with endless markets, shopping streets and sights to visit, therefore the key is to have an extraordinary hotel to hide away in. Notion partnered with the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong for a two-night stay in one of Hong Kong’s finest 5 Star hotels. Expectations were exceeded, and the luxury experience reached new levels.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is designed to embody the glamour of luxury travel and lifestyles. The design of the grand Lobby features the best of the Art Deco era; with grand marble columns and water features the Grand Hyatt defines glamour and charm from all angles, and this Lobby is one magnificent way to be welcomed.

The luxury concept was clearly in mind throughout the design of the hotel as the hotel’s guestrooms are built around the views of the Victoria Harbour displaying the vibrant city lights of Hong Kong, or if you’re on the other side, the tranquil landscaped garden of the hotel. The hotel claims an outstanding personality which is evident throughout, with the spaciousness of the rooms being further enhanced by merging the space between bedroom and bathroom. This is complemented by the open plan layout for the bathtub, walk-in shower, and separate toilet, glass light-fixtures and caramel marbled vanity units; indulgence comes with ease at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has played home to some of the most high flying and influential people in the world. In 2016 they re-designed the hotel’s suites according to the different personalities of guests who have stayed and left their mark, which means new visitors staying in the same suite layout and size can also choose their preferred styles, from either “Classic Traditional”, “Contemporary Eclectic” or “Bohemian Chic”.

With authentic cuisine being on the top of our hit list whilst in China, we were more than pleased to know that the Grand Hyatt hosts some notorious restaurants and bars. One Harbour Road, boasts of an authentic Cantonese cuisine, with the backdrop of the breathtaking Victoria Harbour. Grand Hyatt Steakhouse takes it to the next level offering us more than we ever expected in a restaurant, from its prime cuts of the world’s finest beef, with a chic wine room and even a cigar tasting room. For that all important nightcap to beat the jet-lag it was off to the Champagne Bar, a Parisian themed art deco that definitely hit the spot.

After experiencing Hong Kong and it’s phenomenal cosmopolitan status, and enjoying some downtime in one of the best hotels Notion has ever had the pleasure of staying in, it is safe to say that Hong Kong stimulated us with ideas for the year ahead, inspired us to open our minds and left us feeling more determined than ever to make 2018 a success!

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