Groundwork: Redlight delves into the Lobster Boy archives in this exclusive mix

Redlight pulls out forgotten gems, unreleased tracks and future classics in his exclusive Groundwork mix.

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Redlight has been a staple of British rave music for years. A pioneering DJ and producer in his own right and also the head of Lobster Boy records, his contribution to British bass culture is hard to overstate. Later this month he’ll release his new album Active, a record that will kick-start a new chapter of Redlight’s career. Ahead of the release, we got the Bristol/London producer to put together an exclusive mix for this week’s Groundwork.

Take us through your mix – who have you included in it and why?
I’ve included a wide scope of artist’s some who have released on my label over the years, like Boeke, Sly one and Mele, to more upfront artists who are making some exciting new sounds I’m into, Like Distinkt and Bryte, and also a few unreleased bits from me and some tracks taken off my fourth coming album ‘Active’

When did you start making music?
I started making music as a kid; it was the only thing that interested me apart art and graffiti, I learnt more and more about how to make electronic music and slowly progressed from there.

What kind of music was it?
Jungle, DnB, growing up in the Bristol scene in the 90s it was hard not to be a raver.

How have the artists in this mix influenced your music?
I’m constantly inspired by the ever-changing landscapes of music culture and creativity, I feel that new music and discovering good old music, constantly keeps me stimulated an excited about creating vibes and sounds. This mix includes edits of old tracks, samples taken from very old field recordings and also new artists and flavours from the future that all inspire me.

Who’s your favourite artist in this mix? Why?
I’d say Distinkt as he’s got a new raw sound that amalgamates everything that I love about British music or Boeke who have a track called ‘Funky Track’ that’s coming out on my label next month.

What’s your favourite track in this mix?
They’re all bangers… can’t pick one to be fair.

What’s next?
My album is coming out very soon called Active that I’m very excited about. I’ve been working on it for a few months and its a collection of sounds and energies that I’m into. I’m also doing an art exhibition in December of some of my own work that I’m finishing at the moment, and a clips album that’s all about sounds I grew up on, that’s coming early next year. Plus heaps of DJing, making music vids and other things.

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