H Grimace deconstruct the self and social media in the video for Lipsyncer

H Grimace explore the boundaries between private and public life in the new video for Lipsyncer.

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Do you ever feel like you’re lipsyncing along to your life? That you’re just going along with the things that society and social media have shown you people like you do? H Grimace do. Or at least they do if their latest single ‘Lipsyncer’ is anything to go by. A rumbling Pixies-esque track, ‘Lipsyncer’ questions how we create our self-identity in the age of social media with a mix of probing lyrics and dynamic guitars. Somewhere in between shoegaze, grunge and rock, the song fuses laidback, Kim Deal-worthy basslines with intricate guitar lines and sardonic post-punk vocals.

The accompanying video, premiering today on Notion, sees that concept played out in the life of a young woman who works in a cafe by day and lounges in a more a glamorous, self-created lifestyle at home at night. Things take a surprisingly unsettling turn as the video’s protagonist, accompanied by a friend, dons a wig and facemask and begins hula hooping in her bedroom, staring down the camera, the grain of the VHS film on which it was shot creating a voyeuristic atmosphere.

Speaking about director Kris Rimmer said: “A lot of brainstorming in bars lead to Hannah and I wanting to create a video that echoed the contemporary issues raised in the song’s lyrics. In her own words, the track is about “young men or women attempting to replicate something they aspire to be”. It’s this idea that with “personal-branding”, someone can create this illusion surrounding who/what they are, even if it’s constructed. We wanted to steer clear of creating imagery that was damning of social media and focus more on the individual: the subject in her everyday life and what she considers to be her real-self at home. We chose to show each scene using a blend of 16mm and VHS, the composed against the candid, to demonstrate the two realities at all times.”

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