Holy Oysters are psychedelic pop but not as you know it

Get to know one of Paris' best new bands and delve deeper into the world of french rap in the video for Just So You Know.

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Hip hop culture permeates every aspect of music in 2017. From the squeakiest Disney stars to the most out-there experimentalists, listen close and you’ll hear hip hop everywhere you go. As such the boundaries between hip hop and other genres are constantly blurring. The new generation of rap’s superstars are known collectively as the rock stars, pop stars flock to Metro Boomin beats like moths to a blame and Kanye regularly collaborates with Bon Iver. In short, there are no rules anymore.

Taking advantage of this new found liberation are Paris’ premiere psychedelic rockers Holy Oysters. Long time hip hop fans, the group have enlisted their friends and fellow Parisians Alliance Crew for their new ‘Just You Know’ music video. Premiering this morning on Notion, the video sees Alliance Crew imitating the band and wearing Holy Oyster’s trademark medallions, Alliance Crew take to the streets of the French capital, breakdancing, stunting to camera and generally flexing as much as one can to a slice of French psychedelia. “We thought it would be fun to make people believe that our friends Alliance Crew actually are Holy Oysters,” Holy Oysters frontman Max Tribèche said. “We all love hip-hop culture, and this was the occasion to bring it into our little world. The video is the first of a series inspired by the ‘00s. A little bit like the Korn video for ‘Twisted Transistor.’”

The track itself is just as hip hop inspired, fusing drawn out Tame Impala-esque synths with elements of turntablism and classic 90s grooves. It’s a boundary-less, tripped out take on the pop-pysch that’s slowly infiltrating the charts and Kevin Parker becomes the world’s most sought after producer. Watch the video below.

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