HONOR shows off her varied taste

Atmospheric new singer HONOR shares her inspiration with Notion in her exclusive Mood Board.

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HONOR’s story is one that could only take place in 2015. Discovered by chance after a YouTuber found her lost memory stick and turned to social media to find out who was behind the voice. She quickly caught the attention of the music industry, revealing debut single ‘Never Off’ this year to widespread acclaim. Her breathy electronica is fast gaining her plenty of fans with the video for ‘Never Off’ pushing nearly quarter of a million views. Notion caught up with the songstress to discover her biggest influences and inspirations for her mood board.

What inspires HONOR? See her take on the Notion Mood board

Joan As Police Woman – ‘The Magic’ 

HONOR: I could listen to this song for ages; it’s one of those tracks that have so many layers, the groove, the melody, the lyrics, the imagery… Every time I listen to it I discover something new and it’s like a series of little secrets that the song is whispering to me. Talk about musical goals

Honor’s debut single ‘Never Off’ will be released in January.
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