Hurts return with unsettling video for Beautiful Ones

Two years after their most recent album, Hurts are back with a new single and video.

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It’s been a minute since we heard from Hurts, but now the electronic duo have returned with their new single ‘Beautiful Ones. A typically dramatic cut, the track is intended as a celebration of individuality, lead singer Theo Hutchcraft’s vocals soaring over uplifting synths and a driving beat.

The track’s positive message stands in contrast with the video released alongside it this morning. Telling the story of a drag queen’s night out in reverse, the visual opens with its protagonist, played by Hutchcraft himself, bloodied and bruised, surrounded by fallen bodies. The video then flows in reverse, following Hutchcraft’s character back to a nightclub and slowly unveiling the events that led to the video’s disturbing beginning. Watch/listen below.

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