Internet Crush: Cuco is leading the next wave of California sad boys

Fall in love with Cuco, a whole new kind of teenage heart-throb.

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There’s an emotional revolution going on in L.A County. Whether it’s the upbeat intimacy of Steve Lacy’s Demo, the surprising tenderness of Tyler, the Creator’s new album or the increasingly open work of the now LA-based Mac DeMarco, the boys of California have been pouring their hearts out in 2017. A wave of emotional honesty is sweeping the west coast, and a new generation of artists are riding it to SoundCloud success. Leading the pack is Cuco, the 19-year-old Chicano singer and producer turning his romantic mishaps and deepest insecurities into dreamy, sun-drenched ballads.

Sung in a mix of Spanish and English and with titles like ‘Dontmakemefallinlove’ and ‘Lost /Heart’ Cuco’s music takes the sound of the Latin diaspora in the US and combines it with the kind of vulnerability increasingly found on social media. It’s proved a huge success, with Cuco quickly racking up fans both online and in real life, touring the states and already working on his debut album, all the before the age of 20. We wanted to get to know the rising heartthrob ourselves, so we teamed up with photographer Stella Asia to put together Cuco’s very own online dating profile.

Star sign: Cancer.

Bio: I’m a 19-year-old self-produced artist from Hawthorne, California.

Favourite colour: Fuschia.

Favourite movie: Interstellar.

Last book you read: Lowkey none, I never really read aha.

First single/album you ever bought? I think it was the physical Of Kanye’s Graduation.

First band you ever went to see live? I went to a metal festival back in 2012 called All Star Tour during my scene days and I saw Attila and Suicide Silence.

Earliest memory? Being chased by a chihuahua and knocking my head open.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Literally, I just make music or sleep or eat.

Are you a morning or evening person? Evening for sure, I can’t do anything before 12pm.

Describe your sound in just a sentence: Sometimes I feel so sad I cry but, somehow I find the most bittersweet comfort in my expression.

First song you ever wrote? ‘Mindwinder.’

Favourite song of your own? Either ‘Lava Lamp’ or ‘Cupid’s Quiver’ because of their impact on my sound.

What’s your favourite love song that’s ever been written? ‘Girl I Love You’ by MC Magic.

What’s your favourite lyric: That’s such a hard question, I have way too many favourite lyrics.

Ever been in love? I can’t say with certainty but I sure have felt some type of way.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for a girlfriend? I literally serenaded her with her all her favourite songs, she cheated on me.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Oh yeah.

How do you deal with a broken heart? Crying literally.

You released Songs4U earlier this summer. What’s next for you? Debut album, I’m pretty stoked on that, my work ethic sucks but I hope to finish it soon.

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Photography Stella Asia Consonni
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