Interview: Eli & Fur

They’re hitting festivals and club nights all over the US, UK and Europe this season, and have a brand new track ‘Your Eyes’ out later this month. We catch up with busy dance duo Eli & Fur to find out a little more about their music and discover the process behind their infectious hits.

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Eli & Fur

Eliza Noble and Jennifur Skillman, known as Eli & Fur, are two London-based DJs making waves in the music scene. The pair’s speciality is deep house tracks lead by melodic female vocals seen in such tunes as ‘You’re So High’, which boasts an impressive half a million views on YouTube.

Since the age of 16, the pair has continued to bond over their passion for music, initially performing at friends’ house parties across the capital. Now they’re executing sets at Glastonbury, Bestival and Leeds while finding the time to captivate dancefloors from Dubai to Ibiza. It’s fair to say Eli & Fur have had a lot of big music moments, despite having a relatively new career. Since their musical breakthrough in 2012, the two have received positive reactions from across the industry. They were named as ‘Artists to Watch’ early on by music streaming service Beatport and obtained support from Radio 1 Dance presenter Pete Tong, (all in the same year might we add). The pair has gained well-deserved momentum, with the potential to make even bigger movements both here in the UK and internationally.

Hi, girls! How do you work together in creating your sounds?
Eli & Fur: We usually start by creating the beat first, getting a groove going that we like, then a chord sequence or melody that works. The vocal comes after. We also write a lot of vocal melodies and chords on guitar or piano and then build the track up from there. Sometimes it’s good to start as stripped back as possible to get the best results vocally.

Who has been fundamental in helping to define your music?
Eli: I think we inspire each other actually, mainly because we’ve come from such different musical backgrounds. I got into music through playing my own songs at open mic nights and listening to more guitar-based tracks. Fur was out clubbing, listening to anything from Drum’n’ Bass, to techno to house. We met at 16 and have been sharing music ever since. When we started DJing and producing, this love of darker and deeper house and techno combined with dreamy vocals, written with just a simple chord sequence interested us. We still have a lot more to develop, and we’re learning all the time, so it’s an ongoing process. We’re still constantly playing each other new tracks and coming up with new ideas. We don’t always love the same thing, but we find a middle ground, it’s great having two minds on the project.Eli & Fur

Eli & Fur

You have partnered up with Beatport for the exclusive streaming of ‘Your Eyes’. Why was Beatport the best choice as a streaming partner?
Eli & Fur: It was appealing to us as it was something new and different, with streaming becoming more and more popular. Beatport launched its platform for artists to stream via the site which was really exciting for us, especially being the first to do the direct artist upload. Beatport has always been very supportive of our releases, and we use the site constantly, so it’s been great to team up with them.

You’ve been writing together since you were teenagers. What do you think is the formula for a great working relationship?
Eli & Fur: It works well for us as we’ve known each other for so long, so we find it easy to communicate ideas, and also share a lot of the same experiences as we spend so much time together, recording, travelling, etc. We are lucky that we both want the same things from the project and are passionate about making it work. Guess formulas can be different for everyone, but for us, it’s just to work hard, trust your instincts and make great memories together that you can reflect on the music you make.

You have loads of appearances lined up for summer, to what are you most looking forward?
Eli & Fur: Looking forward to them all but really excited to play at Verboten in New York, it’s one of our favourite cities and also the first stop on our U.S. Tour. Saw Dusky play there a while back – loved it.Eli & FurWhat has been the best event you’ve played in your career so far?
Eli & Fur: That’s a really difficult one to call, we love Sankeys in Ibiza- we just played there for the third time last night and back next month- it’s got an awesome vibe. Ibiza is one of our favourite places to play; everyone is on such a high energy level. It’s beautiful, hot, crazy and people just want to have a good time. To play to a crowd like that is amazing.

Who would you love to see at one of your shows?
Eli & Fur: Can it be someone who’s no longer living? If so then Michael Jackson would be ideal!

Eli & Fur release their new single ‘Your Eyes’ on July 10 on NYX. Stream the song exclusively through Beatport here.

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