Invisible Minds takes it to outer space on 905 Users!

Techno icon Tim Green steps away from the decks for an expansive new project. We premiere latest single 905 Users!

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Tim Green is a name that’s usually associated with techno. While in his decade behind the decks the British DJ and producer has explored the spectrum of electronic and dance music, the world of four to the floor grooves and menacing basslines is the one to which he’s always returned. Last year, quietly and with very few people noticing, all that changed. Putting his birth name to one side Green adopted the moniker Invisible Minds and started to release strange, genre-less creations that incorporated every sound imaginable, from warped electronics to African polyrhythms. Without anyone knowing it was Green, the first two releases had racked up over half a million Spotify streams.

Today Green reveals the truth and shares the latest stage of his ever-evolving Invisible Minds saga. Premiering on Notion today, new single ‘905 Users!’ is closer to his electronic roots than previous releases, packed as it is with looping grooves and dense electronics. However, it’s still a world away from the techno and house fare you’d find him spinning in Panorama bar or Fabric. Cartoon vocal samples mingle amongst funk breakdowns, scattered drums and more spliced up synths that you can count, creating a sound that’s more reminiscent of the LA beats scene than it is Jeff Mills. The accompanying video captures the track’s sense of warped fun expertly in a colourful and surreal animation full of mechanical limbs, stairways to nowhere and faceless heads. Watch/ listen to ‘905 Users!’ below.

Invisible Minds debut album Make Up Your Own Stories is out on October 5th, he headlines Hoxton Hall on 13th November.

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