Director James Heaphy captures sweet nostalgia in Alice Jemima’s video for ‘Take Me Back’

Charming visuals remembering candid moments and friendships.

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‘Take Me Back’ is the last song off the indie newcomer Alice Jemima‘s self-titled album and is exemplary of her sweet, buoyant, electronic sound. Now she releases the video, directed by James Heaphy, whose work includes the atmospheric videos for Laucan – a fine pairing for the songwriter’s soundscape.

Heaphy is able to bring to life the hazy memories of early relationships, accidental encounters and the vivid flashbacks Alice Jemima sings about, the dreamy visuals depicting a young woman reminiscing about the past. It’s a video that celebrates the pleasure nostalgia can bring.

On the video, Alice says, “It’s a visualisation of the song showing fragments of people’s past and the times they’ve had; an inspiring journey through the memories that give us confidence and carry us through the mundane. I love the nostalgic feel to it. The lyrics are about friendship and finding out about who you are and the person you want to be.”
Watch the video below.

Header image of Alice Jemima from Notion’s 76th issue, photographed by Tom Andrew. Get your copy here.
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