Jamie Campbell Bower is a hardcore heartthrob in Counterfeit.’s new video for As Yet Untitled

Counterfeit. keep things simple in the new video for As Yet Untitled premiering on Notion.

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Hardcore has always had a hard time crossing over. Punk’s brattier, shoutier cousin, it’s a bread of music that, as the name suggests, attracts a committed fan base though not necessarily a broad one. Counterfeit. are changing that, fronted by actor & model Jamie Campbell Bower the group are blending hardcore technique with a more popular approach to songwriting. Think Gallows if Frank Carter went to drama school.

Having dropped their debut album last month, the group are set to continue their success with a run of shows across the UK and Europe and just dropped their latest single from the album, ‘As Yet Untitled’. Campbell Bower and co were kind enough to grace us with the premiere of their new music video for the track as well. It’s a fairly straight forward ‘punk video’ affair with Counterfeit. in a garage / warehouse scenario doing what they do best, which is evidently, playing the fuck out of their music. Watch below.

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