Joakim watches from above in the hallucinatory video for Cannibale Pastorale

Joakim terrifies and soothes with his new video.

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Ambience is an under-rated thing in today’s electronic music scene. Now that a lot of electronic music is just pop music, loudness is what counts. Burbling synths and squelching basslines dominate the radio and the ambient music has become the preserve of the ‘heads and Moby, of course, there’ll always be Moby. Joakim is aiming for somewhere in the middle of the two. On his new single ‘Cannibale Pastorale’ he fuses floating, delicate production with hyperactive melodies and borderline industrial samples that clatter and clang away. The result is captivating. What starts as a bouncing high-energy track gives way to Badalamenti-esque breaths of ambient lustre, the pulsing synths fading into a soothing stream. It’s like listening to a Lava Lamp boil and cool, relaxing but in a very intense way.

The new video is just as bizarre as well, shot and edited by Joakim himself on his iPhone it documents life from above, interrupting soothing shots of people going places with disturbing footage of stuffed animals, zombie movies and clips from vintage anime. Speaking about the video, Joakim said: “I’ve wanted to do a video with people filmed from above and from far away for quite a while. There is a voyeuristic aspect to the film but also a perspective about the human being which appears more insignificant and animal; wandering around without any goal, an organic system like globules in the blood system, bodies crossing each other without even seeing each other. I thought this concept fit well with the song ‘Cannibale Pastorale.’ I see it as a little like the OST of a horror or Lucio Fulci zombie film.” Watch it below.

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