Joel Sarakula jams in robot wonderland in the new video for ‘Analog Dreams’

Dancing robots, key-tars and a come major Tron vibes: Joel Sarakula's new video has it all.

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joel sarakula

Pop music’s obsession with the past has been well documented. Pick a decade at any one point there’s probably someone paying homage to it in the charts. Right now the 90s are very much in vogue, when it comes to the pure pop world you can’t move fro crop tops and oversized coats. However for the more psychedelic and electronically minded the 70s and 80s will always reign supreme. It makes sense then that Joel Sarakula, the Australian-born and now London-based producer and singer, has fully immersed himself in them for his new track and video ‘Analog Dreams.’

An electronic escapist anthem, luscious synths (analog, of course) pulse along gently as Sarakula’s semi-distorted voice floats above; the odd guitar lick and keyboard flourish joining him as the drums build the track to its Nintendo chorus. However, it’s the video, premiering today on Notion, which reveals the extent of Sarakula’s love of all things old school. Animated by Graeme Maguire, the videos depicts Joel as a keytar-wielding robot, jamming out in a very retro, very Tron looking, (ironically) digital world.

Speaking about the new video, Joel said: “The video was inspired by the great tradition of using animated videos for dance music in the late 90s and naughties – artists like Daft Punk and Röyksopp whom I love. I also wanted a retro aesthetic harking back to Tron and that first wave of 80’s computer graphics. Then Graeme showed me the artwork of Killian Eng whom he loves, and all of these references just clicked, and we came up with our own style: Retro 80s Futurism!” Watch it below.

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