Jonny Kaye photographs the menswear story M.D.A.M.

Jonny Kaye and Will Larkin recreate what the modern day alpha male may look like in 2017.

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Fixed and dated ideas of strict binary genders have thankfully, transformed in recent years, disrupting ideas of masculinity or femininity throughout all aspects of life. This new editorial photographed by Jonny Kaye explores this in fashion and demonstrates how certain silhouettes and shapes traditionally seen as hyper masculine can be re-contextualised with a different meaning.

Set against a scene of cars and mechanics – a predominantly male environment – the model’s presence immediately transforms the stereotypically ‘masculine’ setting, allowing other representations to be seen.  The story’s stylist, Will Larkin describes how the editorial “‘Modern Day Alpha Male’ reflects on the notions of what it is to be a man today, whilst playing with the feminine influence on current masculine trends.” Larkin goes on to explain that “masculinity is not shaped through aggression or hardness, but by softening the rough edges of its classical images which breed a new era of what it is to be a man – the modern day alpha male.”

Photography Jonny Kaye
Styling and Direction Will Larkin
Grooming Olivia Cochrane
Model Kacper Jasiulewicz

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