Jords provides the soundtrack to your grind on Working Too Hard

Jords comes through with a low-key ode to hard work on his blissed-out new single.

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Singing rappers run the game right now. From Drake to J Hus, Dave to D.R.A.M, most of the hottest rappers in the game can hold down a chorus. Americans perfected the art of being a singing-ass rapper long ago with the rise of Nate Dogg and CeeLo, but the UK is still figuring out its version of the sound, experimenting with a combination of afro swing, RnB and trap to get the balance right. While Dave, Hus, Yungen and WSTRN all have some bangers in the singing-rapper cannon, the UK is yet to find it’s Nate Dogg.

Jords could be about to change all that. Hailing from Croydon, the rapper and singer has been garnering comparisons to the likes of Travis Scott and the Six God himself with his nuanced fusion of RnB and hip hop. His sound is simultaneously nostalgic and new, full of lyrics looking back at his past and musing on his lifestyle over sleek, infectious production.

Case and point is new single ‘Working Too Hard’, premiering on Notion today. The track sees Jords in full melancholy mode, simultaneously hyping his success and lamenting the grind its taken for him to achieve it. The beat is hazy but with enough of a groove to get heads nodding, coming through with the kind of night-bus home vibe that UK hip hop does best, while Jords’ vocal switches effortlessly between a laid-back flow and sung hooks. The lyrics are confessional but light hearted enough to stop the track getting too introspective, full of word play and flips that catch the listener’s ear and draw them back into the songs’ subject. In short, it’s a low-key anthem, the kind of track you could drop into a mix or playlist and have everyone singing the hook before they even had the time to cop the track ID. Listen to ‘Working Too Hard’ below.

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