JP Saxe twists art house erotica in the video for Anybody Else

JP Saxe stars in an erotic RnB flick with a Wes Anderson-worthy directorial twist.

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The video for JP Saxe’s new single ‘Anybody Else’ is sensual and stunted. Directed by Miles & AJ, closeups of Saxe and his co-star Sierra Love in close embrace contrast with a distant, staged directorial style, Saxe often staring blankly ahead as Love wraps herself around him or beckons from the swimming pool. It’s an unsettling mix, simultaneously working within RnB’s long history of sex and sensuality in music videos and casting a sideways glance at it, Saxe and Love’s encounters often interrupted by the latter lighting a cigarette inches from her lover’s face. At one point Love sits, her wrists tied to the bedpost, looking up at Saxe only for him to light a cigarette for her and sit, almost dejectedly at the end of the bed, facing the other way.

It’s a visual that perfectly captures the tone of its accompanying song. ‘Anybody Else’ is Saxe’s lament for a relationship he knows he shouldn’t be in. His vocal, a sharp falsetto, is cold, the production is brooding, and his lyrics conflicted, offering a confession with each chorus ‘I wish I wanted anybody else.’ It’s a striking second single from the Toronto-born and now LA-based singer, who’s already garnered the attention of Spotify and plenty of its subscribers, clocking up 2.1 million streams, with his debut ‘Changed.’

Speaking about the new video to Notion, Saxe said: “If we’re honest, almost every part of making this video made me uncomfortable and it still does a little bit, but in a ‘this is outside of my comfort zone and I’m pushing myself’ kinda way. The tone of ‘Anybody Else’ is a combination of sexy and tongue in cheek, and I LOVE how the directors Miles & AJ captured that balance. Everyone who was a part of making this did such an exceptional job.” Watch the premiere below.

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