Kayt Webster-Brown photographs the beauty story Keep It Real

A playful beauty story that knows that beauty isn't something that's just applied with makeup

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Why do we wear makeup? Does it bring us more confidence to cover our ‘flaws’ and polish the imperfections we think we have, or does it present an ideal version of ourselves we show in public? Makeup and how we use it have no doubt changed over the past century – it was used to enhance your existing features; accentuating your lashes, adding a glow to your cheeks and making those lips look extra kissable. Some of today’s beauty trends see the skin painted different shades, lashes multiplied and features are even added thanks to some good contouring. But what we think of ourselves before we apply makeup?

For this new beauty story, Keep It Real, photographer Kayt Webster-Brown looks to highlight our god given features while still having fun with the possibilities that makeup and cosmetics can offer. Makeup artist Faye Marie who worked on the beauty of the shoot says “So much beauty photography is about removing personality and focusing on the product, but we were very keen to maintain a sense of character throughout the story, even in the extreme closeups.” The result is fresh story that celebrates natural beauty and presents a set of realistic portraits.

Take a look at the story below.

Photography Kayt Webster-Brown
Styling Natalia Farnaus
Makeup Faye Marie
Hair James Oxley using Bumble and Bumble & GHD
Model Margarita Kapustina @ Wilhelmina


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