Kesha is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore on Praying

Kesha returns from the wilderness with a defiant new single and video as well as news of a new album.

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Post-Lemonade, spoken word intros over black and white B-roll have become more than a little corny. However, if there’s one artist that deserves a moment to exorcise her demons in a more nuanced way than pop music can provide, it’s Kesha. Her first single for four years, ‘Praying’ opens with a sobering monologue which sees the singer appealing to God, asking why she’s been abandoned in her time of need. Kesha asks whether she’s died, and if she hasn’t why she should continue to live in a world that seems to have forsaken her before regaining her strength as the song begins, opening with the lyric ‘I hope you’re somewhere praying.’

Uplifting piano comes in underneath, and Kesha only grows more defiant with every lyric she utters. A cut back to black and white sees Kesha floating adrift in the ocean before the chorus comes back and the drums kick in. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the track is directed at Kesha’s former producer and alleged abuser Dr Luke, and it’s clear that she’s not planning on holding back when it comes to her new album, Rainbow, due out later this summer. Watch the video below.

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