Kiko Bun doesn’t give a monkey’s in the cheery new video for Stay Bless

Kiko Bun is most care-free man in the world in the video for new single Stay Bless.

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Kiko Bun is a man with an almost impossibly upbeat outlook on life. Strolling through the world with a rocksteady swing in his step he seems to brush off life’s downs with ease, turning his mishaps and miscalculations into thumping reggae tunes. His new single ‘Stay Bless’ is no exception, in fact, its the perfect example of his care-free attitude. Premiering today on Notion, it’s a classic tale of losing his job and his girlfriend it’s a tribute to keeping on, Kiko cheerily shrugging off each seeming disaster with the defiant refrain “Couldn’t give a damn/ Couldn’t give a fuck/ Couldn’t give a monkey’s/ Couldn’t care less/I just stay bless.”

The accompanying video is equally free of fuck’s given. Showing Kiko sat in the launderette, in the back of a cab and playing pool with his friends, he reminisces about life’s upsets, occasionally looking down the lens of the camera with a wide-eyed, Martin Freeman-esque look of exasperation. Intersected by flashbacks to break-ups and firings, throughout the whole video Kiko remains unphased, greeting his pleading ex with a nonchalant shrug and brushing off the boss that wants him back at work.

Speaking about ‘Stay Bless’ Kiko, explained,“‘Stay Bless’ is a light-hearted, carefree mirror of my life. I like to see the funny side in things and get on with it. Made this one with my mate Dom from The Nextmen and we were jumping around the room when we first listened back to the chorus after we recorded it. It’s the first tune I’ve sworn in so much, and it feels good. It’s about scenarios in my life that don’t exactly go to plan, but I stay positive and not let them get me down. Also how I quite like talking to people about my day, like back in the day when neighbours would catch up in the street. Was a proper exciting recording session. Like all of them are with Dom really, and he lets me smoke out the window.

“The video which was filmed in cloudy south London shows me narrating each story with flashbacks to the memories in which the events take place. Was great to work with Luke Carlisle who directed/edited the video as he could see exactly how I wanted it to be captured/seen. Like the fuzzy/faintly coloured shots that illustrate my memories and then full colour to represent the storytelling moments. I styled myself for this one too, so I got to wear some funky numbers I’d collected over the years. Stay Bless.”

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