Klangstof rebuff the far right in the video for Resume

Klangstof rail against the rising far right in the video for slow-burning new single Resume

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Between the daily cycle of Trump gaffes and our own incompetently right-wing government in the UK, it can be easy to think that the English speaking world has lost its mind. Luckily, Dutch post-rockers Klangstof are here to remind us that a lot of Europe has lost the plot as well with their new video for ‘Resume’. Premiering today on Notion and penned as a response to the right-wing rhetoric of those like Trump and the Netherland’s own Geert Wilders, the track and video bristle with an indirect yet undeniably political feeling, working through increasingly ominous and eventually cathartic refrains.

At the centre of it all is a suited figure; an older man that resembles a mix between Wilders and Trump (he also looks a bit like Hungarian PM Victor Orban – so insert your right wing old man of choice here really), all fat-knotted tie and slicked back, thinning hair. Close-ups of his face contort into rage as he lashes out, pushing a woman in front of him, an act that reveals a score of others around him, standing definitely. As the track builds and its tension reaches its highest peak, something shifts and they begin dancing wildly, driving old man demagogue to tears. It’s a clear metaphor for resistance against the new breed of would-be dictators that have found their way into office across the West, dramatically told through sharp cuts and ominous lighting. Watch the video below.

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