Koda creates a sprawling soundscape on Touch

Koda combines elements of rock, indie and electronic music with poise and precision on new single Touch.

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Koda’s origin story is almost unbelievable. Raised as an ‘army brat’ on military bases across the world, his teenage years were turned upside down by his parents’ sudden conversion to a hardline form of Protestantism. The details are shaky but Harry Potter books were burned and contemporary art was banned. A few years and one heart-attack later, his parents left the church in favour of a family-fronted experimental rock band, mum as the frontwoman, dad on guitar and Koda, aka Jordan Sudak, on vocals. Like I said, almost unbelievable.

Now recording and performing solo as Koda, the tumult of Jordan’s upbringing goes some way in explaining the ambient mix of electronic music and indie he’s crafted in recent years. New single, ‘Touch’ is the perfect example. Premiering on Notion today, it combines elements of The xx’s panoramic calm with hints of the metal and rock he’d listen to growing up in his vocals, all tied together by an underlying groove that could burst into a house anthem at any moment. It’s serene and sprawling, encompassing all of his influences and more. Listen to ‘Touch’ below.

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