Kudu Blue take the British RnB revolution to the south coast on Drink Alone

Kudu Blue bring the sounds of the south coast into their spacious, electronic RnB.

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Brighton’s musical scene has gone through some pretty big transformations over the years. From birthing Fat Boy Slim and the Chemical Brothers back in the 90s to its current critical mass of indie bands today, Brighton has been at the heart of many a Great British scene. Now it looks like it’s getting ready to join the British RnB revolution as well.

Newcomers Kudu Blue have been making some big waves down on the south coast (sorry) with their electro-leaning RnB cuts. Based out of their bedrooms the four-piece combine live instrumentation and digital production to create sounds far grander than your average DIY act. New single ‘Drink Alone’ is the perfect example of this. Frontwoman Clementine’s vocals soar over a simultaneously spacey and dense beat as stabs of bass throb and pulse in the depths of the low end. Flickers of melody and synth entwine around Clementine conjuring visions of the sea front at night, all neon lights and roller coaster rides in the dark. Listen below.

Kudu Blue play Camden Assembly on May 3rd.

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