Kyla takes us on set of her new video in Jamaica

We get a sneak-peek at Kyla's new music video for her Popcaan featuring new single You Ain't Mine.

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Kyla is the voice of UK Funky. Since ‘Do You Mind’ dropped back in 2009, hers has been the voice most closely associated with the genre, the sound of late-decade house parties and the first wave of garage revival. Then along came Drake and one of the UK’s most niche genres was introduced to an international audience, with Kyla’s voice front and centre yet again. Now she’s stepping out on her own again with her new single ‘You Ain’t Mine’ featuring dancehall icon Popcaan. The video drops tomorrow and to get us in the mood she’s come through with some exclusive snaps behind the scenes of the shoot in Jamaica for a very special Mood Board.

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