New video: L.A. Caseley still wants to be friends

L.A. Caseley makes a stunning debut with the melancholic WCSBF.

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Should you stay friends with your ex? It’s an age-old question and one that’s been tackled in song since the dawn of pop. On one side sits the school of ‘Boy Bye’ – those that think your ex isn’t worth the time of day, your TLCs, your Kelly Clarksons & what have you, on the other is L.A. Caseley and her new single ‘WCSBF.’ An abbreviation of we can still be friends, Caseley’s new single is a tribute to those unresolved emotions that so often float around at the end of a relationship.

Capturing that melancholic sense of an ending perfectly, the track sees Caseley dissect her relationship reassuring her ex that they can still be friends. The video, premiering today on Notion, sees the singer drifting around her apartment cast in ethereal black and white, pondering her newfound freedom.

About the song, L.A.Caseley says “WCSBF is about the process of letting go of someone, whilst trying to keep close under the pretence of a friendship. Sometimes, it feels like the wrong time, wrong place, or that neither of you are in the right frame of mind to be together, but there’s still a connection. That bond can be too hard to let go of completely, so keeping a friendship eases the transition.”

Watch the video below.

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