Step into Cuckoo Land with an exclusive pool party playlist from Latmun

Listen to an exclusive selection from Do Not Sleep and Cuckoo Land DJ Latmun.

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The Cuckoo Land pool parties are well underway at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Hosted by Do Not Sleep, they’re bringing some of the best DJs on the island to the hotel for a series of extra special parties featuring sets from Ben Pearson, Josh Butler, Claptone and more. We’ve already had Butler drop a playlist of his essential anthems for the season, and now it’s fellow Cuckoo Land DJ Latmun’s turn to take us into his record bag.

Rhoowax – ‘Mea Culpa’

This has been a staple in my Ibiza sets so far this year, it has everything you need to rock a party whether it’s day or night – uplifting vocals coupled with a groove that you can’t stay still to.”

Latmun – ‘Please Stop’

“This is a new one from me which I curated for summer parties, the cheering vocal on the drop gets the crowd cheering also and it drops into a really groovy beat with weird sounds that keep people guessing what’s going to happen next!”

Riaz Dhanani, Harry Ley – ‘No Added Sugar’

“This is a straight up bomb, killer groove and interesting arrangement/build.”

Dominik Massaro – ‘Two Sides’

“Another one with a really happy vocal, when it comes in the crowd always seems uplifted and refreshed, it’s a really useful tool.”

Andy Toth & Billy Love – ‘Thrillseekers (Chuck Daniels Remix)’

“This is doing the rounds at the minute and it has been working great for me also, it’s a refreshing track to play in a set as it’s pretty different to most stuff I play and it has one of those vocals that just sorta sounds familiar even if you don’t know it already!”

Latmun – ‘Everybody’s Dancin’’

“This is still the production I’m happiest with to date as it encompasses what Latmun is about right now, super groovy and pretty stripped back but with quirky sounds to keep interest and a vocal hook. This one still works well for me to get the dance floor’s attention and the vocal ironically (sic) does make Everybody Dance!”

Dakar – ‘Frequency’

Really nice melodic elements in the breakdown are refreshing in the middle of a set to keep the crowd guessing.”

Supernova – ‘2 Get Her’

A straight up bomb here for peak time!”

Guille Placencia – ‘Payback’

“This is a groover that keeps the energy high and gets lots of fist pumps!”

SIS – ‘Nesrib’

“An old track back from in 2013 but the vocal and groove are so much fun I decided to bring it back into my sets recently, its a nice palate cleanser mid set.”

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