Lea Porcelain summon the ghost of Magical Cloudz with new single Bones

Lea Porcelain premiere their synthy, post-punk winter jam Bones to get you through the rest of winter

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We’re pretty solidly into 2017 at this point and all that hope we had of an immediate spring come the new year has gone. February is the cruellest month (fight me, T.S Eliot), and to combat these twenty-eight days of middling greyness you need music that both fits the weather and transcends it. Luckily, Lea Porcelain have come through with just that on their new single ‘Bones.’

The Berlin duo draw on the likes of New Order and Magical Cloudz to create a melancholic but ultimately uplifting track that buzzes with chunky synthesisers and distorted guitars in equal measure. As the track goes on more elements reveal themselves, and the drone-esque opening gives way to a melody that carries the listener up out of the of background fuzz and into a brighter, almost sing-along final chorus. This is the My Bloody Valentine school of synth-rock. Listen below.

Lea Porcelain play:
Feb. 12th – Berlin – Auster Club
Feb. 14th – Hamburg – Übel & Gefährlich
Feb. 15th – London – Electrowerkz
Feb. 17th – Paris – Maison Sage
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