Leo Kalyan delivers an authentic and rare soulfulness on Versailles

Leo Kalyan comes through with authentic soul and personality on his latest single Versailles.

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With one EP and a collection of singles to his name, Leo Kalyan has seen his music take him from a few hundred listens on Soundcloud to the nationwide reach of BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. The rise of the bedroom beat-maker is common, but few do this with skill and authenticity yet Leo strives with this. The singer/beat-maker has a knack for conveying deeply intimate lyrics and exotic styled beats and has seen this through release after release.

From March, Leo announced he is to drop a new song every month for the rest of this year. Premiering on Notion today, ‘Versailles’ is the follow-up to Leo Kalyan’s last single release ‘Feels Right’. His soul and sensitivity speak out the loudest on ‘Versailles’, delivering an authentic and rare soulfulness from his performance. Some describe his sound as ‘oceanic’, proving this with a foundation of jazz-tinged piano chords that’s then coated with floating vocal hooks and prominent, bouncy hip-hop drumbeats. Listen for too long, and you might just imagine yourself losing your surroundings and winding up inside Versailles’s grand surroundings. Listen below.

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