Giggs features in Lily Allen’s new single Trigger Bang

Giggs opens Lily Allen's new track 'Trigger Bang', a reflective track about staying away from the party scene.

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Trigger Bang

It’s been over three years since Lily Allen dropped her last single, and having revealed early last month that she’s writing a new memoir, she took to Instagram on Sunday to announce her new track ‘Trigger Bang’ with grime artist Giggs.

Produced by Fryars, the instrumentation opens with a countdown beat in time for Giggs, who’s smooth story-telling voice opens the narrative of the song. Lily Allen steps in, her tone differing from her usual vibe, and the tempo drops slightly to mirror her reflective mood as she sings about removing herself from the party scene to save her ambitions: ‘That’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang / everyone’s a trigger / bang bang bang bang’ she sings.

Listen to ‘Trigger Bang’ below.

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