Liza Owen isn’t sure if she’s falling or flying

Liza Owen could just be the UK's next breakout pop star. She falls in love all over again on her new single Fallin.

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liza owen

You might not know Liza Owen just yet, but we’re willing to bet you will soon. Hailing from the UK and based between London and LA, the R&B singer is deeply embedded in the music industry, working with some of its top songwriters and even catching the attention of Kanye West, winding up in the studio with him and Tyga (though admittedly, this week that’s an association Owen might be keen to distance herself from).

Affiliations aside, the main reason we’re backing Liza Owen for big things is her voice. Soaring and confident, with enough UK twang to set her apart from her American counterparts, Owen has the kind of vocal talent made for the charts. Case and point is new single ‘Fallin’, which we’re premiering today on Notion. A pop-tinged R&B track it sees the singer looking back over a past relationship, reexamining the feeling of falling in love. Liza’s voice glides effortlessly over the bristling instrumental, remaining faultless as the beat shifts and warps underneath.

Speaking about the track Liza Owen said “The inspiration for ‘Fallin’ came from looking back on a relationship from a different perspective and reminiscing about it, with no bad blood but just general melancholy feelings. It made me think about how funny it is that, for a second, falling in love feels like flying, like being on top of the world and then suddenly it’s over.” Listen to ‘Fallin’ below.

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