In Bittersweet, love is the hope Only Girl needs

South London singer Only Girl premieres the video for and touching tribute to her new life.

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‘Don’t think of everything we lost, but everything we gained / I wish I could love you like before, I wish I could love you the same.’ 

The opening words of Only Girl‘s video for ‘Bittersweet’ are tender yet melancholic, and especially poignant when you consider the events that inspired the song.

Back in 2011, the singer from South London received a call that would change her life. Her boyfriend had been randomly attacked and had suffered a serious brain injury, and for nine months he remained in a coma. He pulled through but had to learn how to walk and talk again.

Over the next few years, Only Girl continued to help with her boyfriend’s rehabilitation, finding that music comforted them both. For Jamie, it was a reminder of life before the tragedy, for Only Girl it was a way to process her feelings about this difficult situation. ‘Bittersweet’ is one of the tracks she wrote about the experience and is the title track off her new EP.

“‘Bittersweet’ was about us re-entering the real world, trying to adjust and adapt to the huge difference we faced in our life” she says of the song. “Despite his recovery, it was incredibly hard to accept the different course that our lives had taken, ‘so Bittersweet’ and I realised that one of the only things that could keep me going was being uplifted by the love & support of those around me.”

The video which is premiering today on Notion, was filmed in one take and directed by Dan Thomas French. Filmed in idyllic country grounds, it shows a number of dancers moving around her, supporting her own movements step by step. “They are kind of like a team of angels, giving her this invisible support that she needs to keep moving through,” says Olivia Lockwood who choreographed this video (and the video for Carmody’s Light of Me). “Choreographically it was important to capture Ellen’s spirit and the meaning of the song, both of which are so beautiful and powerful.”

Give the video a watch below.

The Bittersweet EP is out now. See Only Girl play Thousand Island on May 3rd.
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