Lucas Fonseca shoots new editorial Sporty Spice

Your gym wardrobe just got a major makeover.

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sporty spice

When we think of gym wear, we usually associate it with resentful gym sessions and unfavourable sweat patches. Less often do we think of it as chic, fashionable garms that can be styled to look casual and collected throughout your workout. So throwout your usual oversized gym tee and tattered trainers because in our new editorial Sporty Spice, we redefine traditional sportswear, showing it’s possible to be comfortable and sharp at the same time, with looks you could wear to the gym or even lounge around in. See the editorial below.

All looks Everlast
Photography Lucas Fonseca
Styling Kiera Liberati
Hair & Makeup Alex Origuella
Models Milan @ PRM and Billie Jean @ Nevs