Lyza Jane is breathing new life into trip hop

Lyza Jane makes a case for a trip hop revival with the hazy new video for EASY ft. BISK.

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It’s no secret that the UK leads the way when it comes to murk. From grime to dubstep, some of the UK’s best musical creations have been born out of the grittiness and greyness of British life. Recently many of the UK’s homegrown genres have been experiencing a revival, spurred on by wave after wave of new artists injecting fresh life into them. One genre has been markedly absent from this though, trip hop. While British rap has flourished trip hop has continued to linger in the past, forgotten in a fog of Bristol skunk, however now there are signs that’s all set to change.

For starters is the return of Massive Attack and Tricky, both of whom have begun to reestablish themselves as pioneering forces in British music over the last few years. Now the second wave might be about to get underway thanks to London singer and producer Lyza Jane. Specialising in a hazy, jazz-tinged take on the genre she fuses swirling, ethereal vocals ala Grimes with sparse, shape-shifting beats, often accompanied by a verse from 616 collective members BISK or Milkavelli. New single ‘EASY’ is an example of just that. Three minutes of dreamy jazz balladry are warped and rearranged into a subtle groove before giving way to a laidback verse from BISK.

The accompanying video captures the mood of the song perfectly. As DIY as the track itself, it sees Lyza lounging on a purple velvet couch interspersed with mysterious projections of rose petals and lingering shots of a vintage lamp, the only light source for much of the video. Such is the mystery of the video that when BISK wanders in frame for his verse it’s to tell if he’s inside the same flat as Lyza or outside in the cold. The overall result is seductive but in a very laidback way. Watch the video for ‘EASY’ below.

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