M.I.A shares stunning video for new track P.O.W.A

M.I.A takes to the desert for some seriously in-sync group choreography in the video for new track 'P.O.W.A'

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M.I.A is on a roll. Just a few days after announcing her curatorship of Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre this summer, she’s shared a breath-taking new video for brand new track ‘P.O.W.A.’

Set in a mountainous desert, the video opens with Maya laying in the back of a pickup truck surrounded by flowers, her face covered with a veil, before cutting to an ensemble of orange-bucket-hat-clad dancers, standing in front of a red screen, moving as one in time to the song.

The video, which was directed by M.I.A herself, draws on themes familiar to her fans, including group choreography and long shots of barren landscapes. However, the overall cinematic effect is still pretty stunning and the choreography is particularly impressive.

The track itself is similar to much of her latest material on AIM, which was billed as her final album, with a fairly minimal, footwork-inspired beat and half-sung, half-rapped lyrics that reference everything from Osama Bin Laden to genetically modified food corporation Monsanto. No word yet if ‘P.O.W.A’ is part of a larger project from M.I.A but we’re fairly sure we’ll be hearing more from the iconic artist in coming months. Watch/listen below.

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