Mac DeMarco fronts Notion’s Festival Zine ’17

The Canadian king of slacker rock talks his new album, strangest fan encounters and starting life in LA.

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Festival season is a sacred time. No matter your taste in music, come summer there’s a field somewhere that’s beckoning your name. There are so many great festivals happening this summer that we were finding it hard to keep track, so we decided to round up our favourites into an extra special field guide for the season. Featuring listings from across the festival spectrum as well as interviews with some of this must-see acts, Notion’s Festival guide is your perfect companion for Summer 2017.

Of course, no publication is complete without a cover star and who better to represent a long hot summer of music, field-based fun and light debauchery than Mac DeMarco?

Mac DeMarco was made for festival season. Commanding a legion of teenage fans, his lackadaisical songs and down to earth attitude make for the ideal soundtrack to a weekend of good-natured debauchery. Whether it’s the hazy hook of ‘Viceroy’ or burbling synths of ‘My Old Man’, there’s a barely song in DeMarco’s back-catalogue that wouldn’t sound better lying in the grass with the sun beating down on your face.

On his new album This Old Dog, written between his new home in LA and his old one in New York, DeMarco stripped his sound back, his lyrics delving further into his personal life than ever before. The critics said it the sound of a new mature Mac. He wasn’t so sure.

For his Notion Festival Guide cover, we finally find out who the real Mac DeMarco is, learned about his weirdest fan encounters and discovered why playing live has become more like Halloween than real life.

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