10Trax: The Manor’s Hangover Helper Playlist

The Manor come through with their ultimate hangover busting anthems to get you through the January blues.

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The Manor

January is a time for self-reflection or so the cliche goes. Waking up with a year-ending hangover on January 1st can be enough to inspire change in most people. Luckily, The Manor know a thing or two about hangovers and they’re here to help with a playlist of mood lifters and motivational bangers. So whether you’ve turned your life around, you’re still caning it, or you’ve just got the January blues, give the below a spin and see if it won’t help you out. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the premiere of the boy’s new single ‘How U Feelin’ as well.

Moloko – ‘The Time is Now’

“From the moment the guitars come in on this tune you’re instantly in a better place than before you were when you put it on. This either serves as the perfect song to put on towards the end of a sesh or after you’ve had a heavy night this might help you get out of bed and make some breakfast – at the very least. Sky also used this as their super Sunday football theme tune for years so I’ve always associated it with the small bit of hope football brings whilst feeling embarrassingly hungover and anxiously checking my bank balance.”

Kiko Bun – ‘Where I’m From (Tom Misch Remix)’ 

“If you’re feeling a bit lost, whether in life or you genuinely can’t work out where you are and why you’ve woken up in a strange random place, this uplifting song is perfect.

Chaos in the CBD – ‘Trust is Key’

“This one’s what I call a zoner, a take a moment to yourself and relax sort of tune. I’ve noticed this January how high the stress levels are out there, I’ve seen about three people in a good mood all month. This is a recommendation to all you stressed out negged out people that are probably struggling with dry January, chill out!

Mahalia – ‘No Pressure’

“This is just a fantastically well written, honest and chilled out song by a very talented girl. Good to hear genuine music especially at this time of year as most people are in a reflective frame of mind hence why we’ve released ‘How U Feelin?’”

Goldie – ‘Inner City Life’

“You can walk down any busy urban high Street across the country at this time of the year and feel like you’re in this songs music video. Over 20 years old and still as relevant as ever. Big up Goldie.

Flight Facilities – ‘Crave You’

“For some reason, this song reminds me of meeting a girl on holiday which is normally a nice memory for most I’m sure. If it stirs up similar memories for you just try not to share that with your current girlfriend, major key.

Jamiroquai – ‘Too Young To Die’  

“Many a morning, after a long night, this track has almost resuscitated me as I’ve laid in bed questioning whether I was gonna make it to dinner. I’d go as far as to say that I’ve noticed the sunrise to the exact beat of this song on several occasions. To be fair I might be on my own with that being the massive fan of Jamiroquai that I am, but it’s a Sunday banger and has been since I was a kid.”

King Krule – ‘Easy Easy’

“If a song has ever summed up the feeling amongst the general working population halfway through the first day at work after Christmas I ain’t heard it. It’s a ‘keep your head up and let’s get through being skint together, working class’ anthem.

Mood II Swing – ‘Can’t Get Away From You

“I heard this the other day and instantly tried to book a flight to somewhere for a bit of sun and warmth. I then realised that other than Lanzarote mostly everywhere affordable in January is freezing – so I turned the central heating up and enjoyed this with a cup of tea and a cigarette.

Todd Edwards – ‘End This Hate’

“This one’s for everyone who started the month with a ‘get fit’ mentality. If you’re struggling for motivational music on a morning run this tunes a blinder. You’ll probably still feel like your lungs are gonna explode but if you pass out during a run you’ll do so with a smile on your face, I’m sure. This also works well for people that couldn’t give a f*ck about getting fit but are looking for a tune to buss a few shapes too.”

Lonyo – ‘Summer of Love’ 

“Right, if none of those tunes did anything to improve your mood, you’re a lost cause for the minute BUT the positive news is summer is around the corner so you can prepare for the three days of sun we’ll actually get with this classic from Lonyo.”

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