Marian Hill owe it all to
The Great Gatsby

Marian Hill let us in on their key influences ahead of their first London headline show later this year.

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Nearly 30 years since DJ Screw first started chopping up vocals down in Houston; the dirty south sound is finding its way into the charts. Having been given an electronic twist by the likes of Flume and Mura Musa, chopped vocals are swiftly becoming pop music’s latest craze, and there’s no better example of this than Marian Hill’s ‘Down.’

The Philadelphia duo shot from obscurity with the track earlier this year, becoming the most Shazam’d artist in America and picking up fans across the world. Made up of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol, the duo specialise in the kind of clean pop music that flirts with both EDM and hip hop, balancing the three worlds with a light touch. Having already conquered the virtual world (their debut album currently has around 200 million streams) they’re coming to the UK for their first headline show over here at Scala this October. Ahead of the show, we got the duo to give us a glimpse into their influences for an exclusive Mood Board.

Jessie J – ‘Domino (acoustic session)’

Sam: “I’m a sucker for acoustic sessions. I stumbled on this one with Jessie J a long time ago, and I always find myself returning to it. Sometimes when I get stressed or overwhelmed, I love returning to the basics of performance. First off her voice is incredible. She messes up towards the end, plays it off like a pro and the crowd loves it. The song itself is really fun and upbeat- the whole performance is just such a positive vibe.”

The Great Gatsby – I Can’t Stop scene

Sam: “I’m obsessed with the Great Gatsby. I loved the book, and I love Baz Lurhman’s adaptation. I love that it’s drenched in colour, dripping in excess and how it uses modern music to score the twenties. There’s a moment in a scene of drunken revelry and modern electronic music, where a lone trumpet player cuts through the night and the scene shifts. It’s haunting, elegant, poignant, and one of my favourite moments in the film. “High over the city, our yellow windows must have contributed their share of human secrets to the casual watcher in the street. And I was him too, looking up and wondering. I was within, and without.” Ahhhh, incredible! Additionally, the Great Gatsby was an early inspiration for Marian Hill. We have since moved on and compiled many more inspirations, but every once in a while it’s good to circle back to.”

Pensado’s Place with Noah ’40’ Shebib

Jeremy: “I’m obsessed with this interview with 40 – its an hour long and I’ve watched the whole thing at least twice and various bits from it more times than that. 40 is an idol of mine and I love hearing him get into the details of how he makes music, talking about plugins and the reverb he uses and the way he thinks about mixing and producing. One of my favourite moments is when he talks about how he always makes sure you can understand every word the artist is saying because his mom was an actress and was always complaining about that in music they’d listen to. My dad is a choral conductor and would always do the same thing, and it resulted in me having the same priority.”

Marian Hill play Scala on October 9th, tickets are available now.
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