Mark Barrott fuses East Coast disco and Afro soul on Pathways Of Our Lives

Ibiza resident and veteran producer Mark Barrott takes his sound in a new direction on 'Pathways of Our Lives'

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Mark Barrott is a real islander’s artist. Since his move to Ibiza in 2012, he’s become one the principal adopters of the white isle’s laid-back Balearic sound. Before his time in Ibiza, Barrott lived in Berlin, crafting trip hop and ambient drum n bass and spent a few years on the coast of Uruguay with just his wife and a mini moog for company. In short, he’s a man with a storied history in dance music, one he’s embracing on his latest release ‘Pathways of Our Lives’.

A trade-markedly chilled-out track, the new release sees Barrott working with a live band again and bringing together classic elements of Philadelphia disco and African soul. Released on Barrott’s own International Feel label, the track both uplifts and relaxes the listener, combining African polyrhythms with lush strings from frequent collaborators The Grünewald Quartet. Listen below.

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