Last Night In Paris get back to nature in the evocative new visuals for Forest

Last Night In Paris get out of the city and into the woods in the new video for Forest .

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DIY can mean a lot of things in 2017. Where once the phrase conjured images of squatting punks working on zines and putting on illicit shows, nowadays it spans a whole range of genres, aesthetics and approaches. One of the finest examples of modern DIY are Last Night In Paris. Formed in South London but now based across the globe, the collective count musicians, rappers, singer, designers, film makers and much more among their ranks and have made a name for themselves with their ‘soirees’ – a gig-cum-film-screening-cum-house party that encapsulates the group’s ethos perfectly.

The latest arrival from Catford’s local Parisians is ‘Forest’, a sleek RnB cut from members KC and Taurean Roye. The track burbles along, keeping listeners afloat like the cloud rap of their Odd Future and A$AP Mob contemporaries. The synths ripple with muted drama that recalls the seductive power of the Ginuwine sample at its core. However it’s the combination of the track and it’s video, premiering on Notion today, that shows Last Night In Paris at their best. Vivid greens and earthy browns feature throughout as KC and Taurean take to the titular forest, flexing among the trees. However, it takes more than a few leaves to capture the spirit of the forest and true to form the group’s visual sensibilities come into play once more with KC performing the hook behind a pane of glass, rain pouring down the camera lens. We caught up with the group’s Jordon Wi-Fi to find out more about the inspiration behind ‘Forest’ and what Last Night In Paris have in store for the rest of the year.

How would you describe Last Night In Paris to someone who doesn’t know your work?
Last Night In Paris first and foremost is a family – we’re brothers, it’s a brotherhood. It’s also a self-sufficient unit that thrives on creating the biggest shit with minimal resources.

How did you all come together?
It happened naturally, me (Jordon Wi-Fi) and Taurean Roye, we created the team. We grew up in Brockley and Catford and had a lot of mutual friends and as we kept on building and pushing work, people gravitated towards us. It’s just organic really; we have members in Finland, in Paris… in Leamington Spa. The internet keeps us together but it all started as a core from South London.

What is Last Night In Paris’ defining ethos?
Self-sufficiency and using as little resources as you can to create as much as you can. Not using the excuse of having no money, because, at the end of the day we have the internet and we have YouTube tutorials and there are other people out there who are trying to do what you are doing and they are just a conversation away. It’s about making people believe in the idea to make it happen. That’s the ethos; don’t let people tell you ‘no’ because you can do big things from nothing.

What inspired the video for ‘Forest’?
For us it’s just simple stuff, we have a short film coming out so the ‘Forest’ video isn’t too ground-breaking but at the same time, it’s a nice vibe. I like the use of the glass and the steamy vibe, it’s old school R&B but we didn’t want it to be too cheesy. The inspiration was that feeling, the song is low-key, very sexual with the Ginuwine sample.

Tell us about the ‘Pure’ EP
It’s a lot of material that we love, it’s a chapter in our journey that we had to share.

Why do you release all your projects as Last Night In Paris rather than as individual artists?
We are individual artists; we have individual artists in the team. Like we have Taurean Roye (rapper), KC (singer) myself (rapper), but I think that when we come together it’s like some sort of Power Rangers shit, I feel we all add a dimension.

How important is that collective approach to your work?
It’s pretty much everything for us. I feel like in music, 80% of what you make might not be right but you need somebody right by your side to tell you ‘That’s not your best’, ‘You can do better’, ‘Try this or try that’.

What have LNIP got in the works for the rest of the year?
We have a new EP, maybe two. A new short film called ‘EQUAL’ and some festivals. We have a string of ‘soirees’ planned, a soiree is a Last Night In Paris party. We have artists put up work, we perform live, we invite our favourite artists to come and perform, we get the fans on stage to rap verses. Our Soirees are one of our favourite things to do!

Overall we’ll be maintaining consistency; putting out work and bettering ourselves. That’s the only problem with us; we have the tracks, we have them there on our computers but it’s just about putting it out consistently. We’ve been listening to it amongst ourselves and liking it but now it’s time to share it with the world, even if it is something that we’re sitting on, we need to share more and be more open.

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