Mavi Phoenix is preaching a new-gen gospel on her second EP Young Prophet

Mavi Phoenix defies genre and geography on her sophomore EP.

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Austria isn’t exactly known for its pop music and it’s even less known for its rap. However in 2017 music’s relationship with geography is distant at best and we shouldn’t really be surprised when the next big thing bursts out of the streets of Vienna. Case and point Mavi Phoenix, the singer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist straddling genres like only the new generation can.

Having grown up on Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age, Mavi perfected her English in Austria’s underground hip hop scene and has now turned her hand to the kind of almost indescribable pop that is increasingly taking over. Her second EP, Young Prophet, premiering today on Notion, is her most realised project to date. Fusing The Internet-esque RnB with Charli XCX worthy pop hooks and the odd Kanye reference, Phoenix is part of new wave of artists that represent a generational shift against geography and genre.

Her new EP features two previously released tracks, the off-kilter, ironically shouty, ‘Quiet’ and the more tender ‘Love Longtime’ alongside two previously unheard cuts. Opener ‘Aventura’ is worldly in its influence, to say the least. Mavi sing-raps in an Atlanta trill over middle eastern instrumentation and boisterous synths, tying it all together with a Spanish lilt. It shouldn’t work. It really does. The aforementioned ‘Quiet’ and ‘Love Longtime’ bring industrial dancehall and give-a-fuck balladry into the mix before final track ‘Fly’ seals the deal with it’s left hook of a chorus and nods to afro-beat. It’s no coincidence her new EP is called ‘Young Prophet’, Mavi Phoenix a preaching a new-gen gospel. Listen below.

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