MAYDAY is discounting festival tickets for young people on one condition: register to vote!

The Mayday initiative has joined forces with Croatian festivals Outlook and Dimensions for limited £100 tickets for 18-25 year olds who have registered to vote.

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With a snap general election that will determine most young people’s future looming around the corner, it’s fair to say most 18-25 year olds are either confused or angry. This confusion-frustration cocktail can turn into one of two things; voting, or ignoring the election altogether. Far too often, it’s the latter.

The MAYDAY initiative aims to change that, giving young people another incentive to register to vote. MAYDAY was created by a collective of festival organisers, venue owners, and musicians to interest young people in politics, and ensure that their right to vote doesn’t go wasted. MAYDAY was started by Boomtown Fair, which later joined forces with Shambala, Love Saves The Day, Outlook, and Dimensions.

To engage young people and persuade them to register, Outlook and Dimensions are enabling 18-25 year olds access to exclusive £100 tickets (saving roughly £40) on one condition, they’ve registered to vote. It’s almost too much of a deal to pass on, saving money to see the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Giggs in exchange for registering to vote? Pfft, easy decision. The tickets will be available until 22nd May, which is the last day you can register to vote ahead of ahead of the election on 8th June. In between now and 22nd, all you have to do is email the team at Outook or Dimensions with the confirmation of registrations.

Send proof you have registered to vote to or to receive your £100 link. Register to vote here.

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