Mean Girls meets Black Mirror in the video for Duke Dumont and Gorgon City’s Real Life ft. NAATIONS

The real world and the world of social media collide in the new video for 'Real Life ft. NAATIONS.'

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Duke Dumont and Gorgon City have released the video for their collaborative new single ‘Real Life ft. NAATIONS.’ Drawing on the track’s lyrics, the video depicts a Highschool prom full of social media obsessed teens, leaving a wake of emojis behind them as they enjoy their night. The camera then fixes on the hero of the piece, a shy, quiet girl who dodges and weaves around the outstretched phones before running into the bathrooms to hide only to be discovered by the school’s resident mean girls. It’s a tale of the dark side of social media, cyber bullying and ultimately, revenge, as the video’s protagonist corners her tormentors and vomits emojis over them. Watch it below.

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