Meet Collective Two: the creative duo leading the way in events with a twist

The creative duo that really know how to make epic events

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If you haven’t heard of Collective Two, then you need to get in the know! Sophie Luhr and Lizzie Hardy make up this creative events agency, making innovative and memorable moments that bring brands and people seamlessly together.

The girls have already worked with brands such as Alpro, H&M, Facebook and Ciate, along with launching their very own event series in partnership with popular online blog ‘Secret London’. They also provided the amazing decor for our #SummerVibes party, transforming the space at Mangle E8 with light rod installations, UV paint and a ceiling of balloons.

Collective Two aim to create a full 360 experience with every event they’re part of, delivering the key messages of each event in a very experiential way. When H&M threw a dinner for beauty press, they called in Collective Two to help create a beautiful and inspiring setting, to help launch its new beauty range. This dining room was decorated with beautiful flowers and plants with a clean and sophisticated finish to relay the luxury feel of the collection.

Other events they have been involved with include a games day which was hosted by Facebook and a #SecretFitness day which was the first event in their partnership with Secret London sponsored by Alpro. Activities offered for the guests included stand-up paddleboard yoga on the water at Paddington basin. There was a smoothie bar on site for an after work-out treat too. Yum!

With great attention to detail, every part on their installations are well planned and executed to ensure maximum impact. We spoke to the founders to see what makes a truly special event.

Notion: How did you both meet and how did you end up forming Collective Two?

Collective Two: Sophie and I both met at our previous jobs; we both worked on the internal events team for Hearst Magazine’s UK leading event executions and partnerships for Cosmopolitan, Red and Elle Magazine. Starting our own business is something that we had talked about for a couple of years however we decided to wait and work hard to build up our own identity and credibility within our roles at Hearst as well as establish as many relationships as we could. Last September we decided we were ready and Collective Two was born – we haven’t looked back since!

What makes your agency different to others out there on the market?

Our point of difference at Collective Two is our unique approach to designing experiences. We believe that there is no platform more powerful then experience when it comes to connecting with your audience. We approach each event with an audience first mentality, looking at the culture of that audience and designing an event that is going to engage and influence. It means we understand the brand’s story and look at the ways we can integrate it into the experience, bringing it to life in a way that is memorable and generates long-lasting conversations around that experience and brand.

Our unique approach is founded on creativity, built from experience and designed to engage. We create value for audiences in very personal, participatory and immersive ways. We create brand fans, not just customers.We specialise in creating and delivering the moments that matter to the people that matter.

What type of clients do you cater for?

At Collective Two we specialise in creating brand experiences, therefore we mostly tend to work with clients within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector, we also work with a number of publications such as Marie Claire and Look.

What has been your favourite event you’ve collaborated on so far?

It’s very difficult to pick a favourite as they have all been amazing, however, anything where we can get really creative and think outside the box is always going to be up the top of the list. For example, with the NOTION party, we were able to come up with a cool creative concept for a blank venue which we loved, plus getting to splash paint on the walls was probably the most fun we’ve have had at an event set up. We recently did a dinner for H&M where we got to dress the room in flowers and create a flower installation which again was right up our street!

How far would you go to provide the ultimate 360 experience?

Sophie and I are both so passionate about creating the ultimate experience, that I can honestly say that there is no end to how far we would go to execute the most incredible experience we could!

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