Meet your new favourite alt-pop star, Soleima

Soleima is making the kind of left of centre pop music that's set to rule summer 2017, and she's doing it well.

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Soleima is set to become a new alt-pop sensation. With flickering off-centre production and an ethereal, equally distinct voice she’s been creeping up the Hype Machine charts with every release. It’s the kind of wonky-pop that’s slowly but surely taking over. It’s not just her sound that’s attracting people’s attention though, and over her singles so far Soleima has proved she has a solid visual sensibility as well. Intrigued? We were too, which is why we got her to break down her biggest influences and inspirations for an exclusive Mood Board to get to know her in own words.

Otis Reading – ‘A Change is Gonna Come’

“I grew up listening to all sorts of r’n’b music. My sister and I had to do the dishes after dinner as our home duty. First we would bitch about it for half and hour and then we would put on super loud music, could be Ray Charles or Otis Reeding, and just scream along to it actually having a super good time. Love this memory. And this kind of music will always be my foundation.”

Jai Paul – “Jasmine’

“This track absolutely blew my mind when I heard it the first time. I love that it is so organic, while still being electronic. It reminded me that popular music can challenge and be it’s very own unique thing.”

Terror Jr – ‘Say So (Vasco Remix)’

“I listen to a lot to music coming out of Denmark. A lot of bad ass music is coming out of DK right now which makes me super proud. We are such a small country, and I think we all very much inspire each other to keep improving and making better stuff. I work a lot with people from Denmark which is amazing. To recommend some: School of X, Vera, Liss and Vasco. These should really be checked out.”


“This spring I have been traveling around the world a lot working on new music. Over the last two months i’ve been to Mexico, LA, London and Stockholm in order to write with different producers and songwriters. It’s a great way to work as you constantly get inspired by new people and new places. But also, after a lot of traveling like this, I am very excited to get back to my bedroom vox recordings and small fiddlings in my home studio. I think the combination between the two things is very good for me. It’s amazing to get all the inspiration and then be able to immerse yourself in it afterward.”


“I have always loved playing live and I have actually been doing it for a long time with my former band. But trying to figure out the best setup for Soleima has been, and still is, a giant challenge. I have always wanted the live setup to feel very organic and lively even though it is electronic/sample-based music. So we are still working on that which is tough but also very fun. Guess that’s gonna be a working process for me. We will be playing concerts during this spring and summer including Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and at The Great Escape in May. Come and have a party.”

Current Projects

“The two last songs I released both had videos which I was a big part of making. It’s been really important for me to be able to put energy into this, not just have a director making it. Creating videos helps to tell the story of a certain song in another way – give it another layer. Also being a new artist, it is a good way to introduce yourself and your project to people.”

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