Meet the makers behind contemporary womenswear brand The Nude London

On the quest to find the perfect dress, two best friends created a whole collection, and thus The Nude London was born. Here they discuss their journey so far.

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The Nude London is the emerging RTW brand that needs to be on your radar. Established by Angelina and Julia just recently in 2016, as life-long friends they draw on their travels for their inspiration, having lived, studied and played around the world. They design beautiful, feminine collections and are dedicated to dressing women who long for the unique and seek the stylish.

From the tailored blazers and shorts to their flirty dresses, their collection will make you wish for summer. Undoubtedly the Bloom Blouse, Red Star Dress and Camomile Dress are the standout pieces of the collection bridging contemporary elegance with the stylish free-loving spirit of the 60s/70s. We catch up with the power-duo to learn more about their brand.

First off how did you both meet?
The Nude: About 10 years ago when we were studying.

Where did you both study?
Julia: King’s College, Queens Mary University, ESMOD Paris.
Angelina: Moscow state University and Waseda University in Japan.

When and how did the label come about?
We both love dresses and the pure feminine beauty. We were looking for the perfect dress and then decided to make one ourselves.

Which are your favourite pieces of all time from The Nude London?
The Queen Mary dress, it’s sexy and feminine.

Which designers do you look up to?
Chloe, Prada, Dior.

Tell us about your upcoming collection…
It will be very light and feminine, expect lots of pastel colours.

You both travel a great deal, is this where your inspiration comes from?
Seeing how different and beautiful women are everywhere. We have lived in Japan, Paris, Moscow, London and having the chance to see how different cultures express themselves through fashion is amazing. We love being girls wearing dresses, feeling that summer wind in your long hair, it’s amazing!

How do both of your aesthetics differ? And how are they similar?
I think we are both very similar, we love wearing dresses and heels, but can put on a pair of boyfriend jeans and still look chic!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years times?
Designing more and more dresses, having stores in London, New York, Paris and many other places.

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