Melisa Whiskey makes her introductions on
Moon + The Sky

Melisa Whiskey is fast becoming one of the most impressive singers in London. Her debut EP showcases a breadth of styles and one hell of a voice, listen to the premiere.

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Having built her name over the last 18 months, Melisa Whiskey is finally ready to release her debut EP. Premiering today on Notion, Moon + The Sky showcases the breadth of the emerging singer’s sound, featuring everything from classic soul to a verse from Section Boyz’ Inch.

Opening with lead single ‘Played’, Moon + The Sky starts gracefully; a string quartet and piano heralding Melisa’s arrival. Once her voice kicks in you’re hooked, the classical arrangement gives way to a RnB inspired beat, hints of UK bass finding their way into the production as vocals layer subtly and string stabs echo gently in the background. Next, comes the seductive but uncertain ‘Cuffin or Cuttin’, a track that acts both as a statement of Melisa’s independence ‘been busy chasing my commas’ and a heartbroken question of intent for a potential partner. ‘Cuffin or Cuttin’ is followed up by current single ‘Billin’, a track so good it appears twice on the project, here and again at the end, courtesy of a remix from the aforementioned Section Boy.

‘Rent’ is the centrepiece of the project. A slow-building James Bond theme of a track, all muted horns and harmonious backing vocals it sees Melisa at her most bombastic and somehow also her most understated. The instrumentation is lavish, yet Melisa’s performance is casual, ad-libbing soulfully as the jazzy instrumentation gives birth to a drum n bass inspired fill. Things take a turn for the dramatic from there with the Alicia Keys-esque ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ giving way to the grandiose ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ before ‘Billin’ returns once more to close proceedings. It’s a diverse showcase of Melisa’s talents and given that she’s already working on the next project, with J Hus’ go-to man on the board Jae5 no less, it’s also a taster of what’s bound to be a big career. Listen to Moon + The Sky below.

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