Men sparkle in our new beauty editorial Dazed

Heralding in a new era of male makeup, Dazed explores the concept of males in makeup.

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Despite males in makeup being embraced by a number of subcultures since the 1980s, the fashion has been met with plenty of criticism and controversy. In the past few years however, the masculine makeup revolution has slowly been picking up speed. Today men in makeup is no big deal, embraced by high fashion and makeup brands alike, it is now becoming the social norm for males to be unashamedly made up – from a full face beat to just a dash of concealer.
Drawing inspiration from this new age of makeup equality, Karl Slater focuses on how we define male beauty by photographing Pace Chen in a number of sparkling looks. The use of glitter and makeup put together by Faye Quinton challenges how we define male beauty whilst pushing the limit on social norms.
Photographer Karl Slater
Make up Faye Marie Quinton using MAC cosmetics
Hair Rom Sartipi using Bumble and Bumble
Model Pace Chen @ Nevs
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