Michael Calfan embraces surrealism and symmetry in the video for On You

Michael Calfan goes back to his roots in the extravagant new video for On You.

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Paris has always been one of the great meeting places between underground and mainstream culture. It’s a city that embraces art to its core, with both a love of the high-minded and the underappreciated. That attitude permeates the city’s dance music, with the likes of Daft Punk, Justice and Martin Solveig carefully navigating the spaces between both worlds. Now you can add Michael Calfan to that list as well. Known for a slightly more commercial sound than his contemporaries, on his new single ‘On You’ he goes back to his earliest influences, creating a more hip-hop inspired house sound.

The accompanying video is just as influenced by the underground, featuring brightly coloured sets, vogueing dancers and some seriously glitchy, jump-heavy editing. Premiering on Notion today, it stars Calfan alongside a troupe of dancers, chopped and rearranged to create mesmerising often surreal choreography. Despite the bright colours and deeply embedded sense of fun, there’s an almost mechanical quality to it, with nods to the song’s structure in the constant, slightly altered repetition throughout. Watch the video for ‘On You’ below.

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