Mind Enterprises make the office S.H.A.K.E, Windows 95 style, in new video

Mind Enterprises stars as "Bill Gates meets Tony Montana" in the video for S.H.A.K.E.

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mind enterprises

There’s no greater love on the internet than for videos that are so bad they’re good. From found VHS tapes to grandparents trying to make Vines, the web is awash with ironic ephemera. It’s from this treasure trove that Mind Enterprises has retrieved the concept for his new music video ‘S.H.A.K.E’. An italo-disco inspired track and video it takes place in Windows 95 inspired office with Mind Enterprises himself staring as a 90s businessman flanked by a pair of dancers. The whole thing is edited through layers of Windows Movie Maker-level special effects and drenched in irony, the visual coming to a close with a slow zoom in on a half-eaten tuna sandwich.

Speaking about the video, director Jack Barraclough said: “After settling on this character (Bill Gates meets Tony Montana) I wanted to direct and edit the video so, on watching it would feel like it could have been self-made by this guy after work, on a bit of a delusional ego trip. So I incorporated the ‘office’ set up and watched a lot of Italo disco videos for inspiration. I also got the most boring looking sandwich possible as a prop, which is tuna & cucumber.” Watch the video for ‘S.H.A.K.E’ below.

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