Monro runs circles around the competition on Motion

Rinse comes through with another producer for your playlists in the form of newcomer Monro.

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Rinse FM’s label arm has been putting out some real gems of later. From JD Reid to Sinead Harnett, they’ve been releasing some of the most exciting underground projects in the UK this year. Come this Friday they’ll add Monro’s debut EP Motion to that catalogue. A blistering, hyperactive blend of trap, UK bass and the kind of shimmering electronic wizardry hitherto-for only heard on LuckyMe; it’s a startling debut from an almost unknown producer. However, the records’ excellence begins to make more sense when you learn the story behind its creator. Monro cut his teeth under the watchful eye of Rinse FM founder and main man Geeneus and quickly grew from a producer with potential to a beat making wunderkind.

Ahead of the project’s full release tomorrow, Monro has been teasing us with the odd track here and there, and today he’s gracing us with the premiere of the EP’s title track, ‘Motion.’ It’s a crystal clear slice of hyper-real trap that wouldn’t sound out of place soundtracking the new Blade Runner movie. Listen below and catch our chat with Monro after the jump.

How did you get involved with Rinse and Geeneus?

I got involved with Rinse through my cousin/ manager. He started working there and was playing Geeneus and the rest of the team bits of music I was making. I started meeting with Gee and discussing ideas. He got the vision so it only made sense to join the team.

What’s the best production tip you’ve learnt while there?

The best production tip I’ve learnt from being at Rinse is probably time management when I’m creating. I can spend days making an idea or sound complete only for me to not like it the next week. Gee taught me to only really spend a day on an idea, move on and once you have a good number of sketches, choose the ones that stand out the most and start finishing them.

Who are your production icons?

The people I look up to the most as producers would have to be people like Mike Dean, Timbaland, Rick Rubin, Kanye West, No I.D, Dr. Dre, Alex Da Kid – the list goes on. I’m also a massive fan of movie composers, people like Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard

What statement are you making with your debut EP?

There’s not much of a statement with this first EP, it’s just an introduction to my world. I want this EP to take the listener on a journey, each song has it’s ups and downs and goes to different places dynamically and sonically so I want it to paint a story with multiple scenes in your mind. There will be many statements to be made in the projects to come.

There’s hints of everyone from Kaytranada to Hudson Mohawke on the project; where does your sound come from? 

My sound comes from listening to a lot of different types of music. From an early age I’ve never really looked at genres and more so looked at the feeling in the music. I’ve grown up listening to rock, hip hop, electronic, grime and elements of classical music too so I draw for them all at certain points, I look at my sound as a mixing pot of all different sonics and feelings. It’s all very visual and I’m looking forward to showing people what I see when I make my music.

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